Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dog Scouts of America Troop #161

"Let us learn new things so that we can become more helpful." - Dog Scout motto

Undoubtedly, you've heard of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, but what about Dog Scouts? The dogs in Dog Scout Troop #161 from Cumberland County earn merit badges and participate in community service projects just like their human counterparts. Everything they do builds on the dogs' skills to become well-mannered, welcome members of the community and educates the human "smart end of the leash" in dog ownership and safety. The Dog Scouts have earned badges for hiking, backpacking, water safety, painting and much more.

Recently, Troop #161 donated a HeatAlarm Pro K9 vehicle safety system to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. This system alerts the officer when the vehicle gets too hot for the dog and turns on emergency fans in the vehicle. The Troop is now working to raise funds for their Pet Oxygen Mask drive. Their goal is to equip all local fire departments with sets of oxygen masks designed to fit cats and dogs. Check out their information booth at PawsAbilities and help them give local fire departments the ability to save even more lives.

Anyone can be a member of Dog Scout Troop #161 just by joining Dog Scouts of America and participating in Troop activities. If you want to earn the official title of Dog Scout, you and your dog will need to take the Dog Scout Test to demonstrate that your dog is well mannered and a welcome member of the community. In addition, you will have to demonstrrate that you have the skills and knowledge to be the "smart end of the leash."

For more information about Dog Scout Troop #161, visit their website at www.fieldwooddogtrainingcenter.com/DSTroop.htm or contact Troop Leader Ann Withun at ann@withun.com.

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