Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nubble!

Happy birthday, Nubble! He is now one year old. Wish him happy birthday and send him a birthday gift!

Nubble and his puppy raisers were shopping in Target on his birthday, and he wore a birthday hat the entire time. To celebrate his birthday, they let him pick out a new toy, and then he and Gizzy, his puppy raisers' family dog, shared a special birthday dinner that evening.

Last Wednesday, Donna and Lindsey brought doggie cupcakes to puppy class. Of course, we turned it into a training opportunity and had the dogs practice self control. Each dog had to be patient and get their photo taken before they could have a cupcake. The dogs loved their treats!

Nubble's puppy raisers took him to PetSmart. Although it was very challenging for Nubble because of all of the dogs that have marked in there, he still did well. There were a few other dogs in the store at the time and they barked at him. However, Nubble didn't bark back! Instead, he turned and looked at Donna. Great job, Nubble!

Nubble's self control has been improving a lot. When he sees something he wants to chase, he looks at Donna and thinks twice about whether he's actually going to chase it. He no longer chases Baby the Cat, even when she tempts him by running right in front of him. Instead of chasing her, Nubble just looks at Donna. Donna is especially glad that Nubble leaves the skunks alone. They have had quite a few skunks wandering in their yard this past month, and although Nubble knows they're there, he leaves them alone. Just in case, Donna only takes him on short walks when the skunks are out!

Nubble has been wearing the comfort trainer on a regular basis now, and it has really helped prevent him from pulling. Although he still tries to get it off if he's standing still, he has no problem with it if he's occupied and moving. Just in case he does get the comfort trainer off, Donna attaches a second leash to his collar and secures it to her waist. At last Wednesday's puppy class, the Northeast Division worked on loose leash walking at different speeds (fast, slow, run, walk, etc.). If Nubble's leash is only attached to his collar, he has a difficult time switching speeds. But with the comfort trainer, he can change speeds easily without yanking Donna off balance or getting overly excited. Donna has even been able to take him jogging when he's wearing the comfort trainer. "I am enjoying jogging with him now," says Donna. "I had been doing some with him when he was young, but I had to stop because his speed and strength far exceeded mine. Now, it is enjoyable again."

They have also been working on shaping. Nubble has actually learned how to trim his nails himself! No, he doesn't use the clippers. Donna has shaped him to scrape his nails on a rough board, which trims and files them. He only does his front feet right now. She is still working on shaping him to do his back feet. Shaping him to use his back feet on the board will accomplish more than just teaching him to trim all of his nails. It will help him become aware of his back legs and feet and understand that he can move his back feet independently.

Keep up the good work, Nubble! Happy birthday!

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  1. Happy b'day Nubble !!! Really this is the celebration time...