Monday, February 7, 2011

Meet the Game Litter!

We have more puppies in our SSD family! On February 2, SSD Pearl gave birth to the Game litter!

Because of the snow and ice storm that was predicted for her due date, our whelping team camped out with Pearl at her breeder caretaker's house, and it's a good thing they did! Not only did the snow and ice show up as predicted, but the puppies showed up, too! Pearl delivered three heathy black puppies - SSD Rummy (female, red collar), SSD Atari (female, purple collar) and SSD Yahtzee (male, yellow collar).

Sadly, this delivery didn't go smoothly. Pearl also gave birth to two yellow females - SSD Jenga and SSD Taboo. Both of them were stillborn. Our whelping team reacted immediately to try to revive these two puppies, but they were unable to resuscitate them. We stayed in contact with Dr. Clemens, one of our veterinarians at Palmyra Animal Clinic, throughout the delivery.

We have been very fortunate that so many of our puppies have been born healthy. Sometimes, though, some puppies do not make it, despite our best efforts, and this is always a sad time. Jenga and Taboo were given their collars (tan and green), and they have been buried in a special area at the home of one of our volunteers.

Despite our sadness about Jenga and Taboo, we are very thankful to have three beautiful, healthy puppies. Pearl and her puppies went to the Palmyra Animal Clinic the next morning, and after examining all four of them, Dr. Hahn told us the new family was healthy.

Rummy, Atari, and Yahtzee are doing great! Pearl is an excellent mother, and the whole family is happy and healthy.

Thank you to our whelping team and our breeder caretakers for all of their efforts. We're looking forward to watching Rummy, Atari and Yahtzee grow!


  1. very very sweet.
    I'm so sorry for the two. Maybe they're making someone very happy in heaven

  2. Tears of happiness and sadness...Puppies are adorable !

  3. It is sad to learn the news of Jenga and taboo, but we thank you for sharing it with us. We all know that sometimes things don't turn out the way we hoped that they would.

    The wonderful news of the darling three puppies who are now with us, certainly cheers us all on this winter night. best of luck to all.

  4. Every puppy that is born is a miracle,I am very sad to hear about Jenga& Taboo!But,I am also very happy to hear that Pearl,& that Atari,Rummy, & Yathzee are doing fine,And,that all 4 are happy and healthy.