Monday, August 29, 2011

Riding the Strasburg Rail Road

Our dogs in training took the train! On Saturday, August 27, some of our puppies in training went to the Strasburg Rail Road. It was a cool, rainy day, but we still had a great time!

The Strasburg Rail Road was the perfect place for the dogs to gain some new experiences. Most of them had never been near a train before. Our puppy raisers and the dogs huddled under the station's overhang as the train chugged through the rain into the station. Even with all of the new sounds and sights, the dogs did very well.

To get on and off the train, the dogs had to climb a few very steep steps. Our puppy raisers did a nice job keeping their dogs walking in a calm, controlled manner on the stairs. The dogs need to practice walking calmly on stairs because they'll need that skill with their future partners, and to prevent injuries to themselves.

On the train, the dogs needed to fit themselves under the seats and relax for the 45-minute ride. Although the train made three stops along the way, we all decided to stay on board and out of the rain!

Thank you to the Strasburg Rail Road for donating tickets for our puppy raisers and for welcoming us to the station! We had a wonderful time, and it was a great learning experience for our dogs.

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  1. What a beautiful group dogs you have here! Did any of them have any accidents while on the train ride?