Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stay Safe and Be Prepared in this Weather

Harrisburg is in a state of emergency, and many people in other areas of Pennsylvania are experiencing flooding. Roads are closed and people are being evacuated. Water levels are expected to continue to rise through Friday.

Because of the weather, we have put our evacuation plan in place. All of our dogs in training at the kennel have been returned to their puppy raisers or puppy sitters, and they will stay with them until Monday. As long as roads are open on Monday, the dogs will be able to return to the kennel.

When our puppy raisers first receive their puppies, they all fill out an evacuation form to let us know where they would be taking shelter in case they are evacuated. So far, this evacuation plan has been working smoothly, although we did have one puppy raiser let us know that they had to take shelter at an alternative location. If you have an SSD dog in training, please let us know if your evacuation location is different than the one you listed on your form. All of our dogs are safe and accounted for.

We hope that everyone continues to stay safe and dry. Even if you haven't been evacuated, you should be prepared, just in case. The water can rise very quickly. It's much better to get a few items together now rather than try to find them later.

Items you should pack for your dog
  • dog food for several days
  • dog bowl
  • leash
  • collar and licenses (if your dog isn't already wearing them)
  • SSD harness
  • emergency evacuation letter from SSD
Whether you're caring for an SSD dog or not, please stay safe and be prepared. The American Red Cross has opened several shelters throughout Central PA. Please visit their website for updated information about shelter locations.

Remember, if you have an SSD dog with proper documentation, you can go to any shelter. Please remember your evacuation letter. Several shelters are also working in conjunction with local SPCAs and other animal shelters for family pets.

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  1. Well, we will all see what happens in Harrisburg in the next few days but I am sure that our lives will be disrupted no matter where we live. Good luck and I hope you are all safe. Becky, kara and Amanda did a great job organizing trips home for the kennel dogs and Gary was stuck at home because of road closure. Hope we are back in business on Monday.