Monday, February 20, 2012

Prizes Galore at PawsAbilities!

You and your dog could walk home with lots of prizes from PawsAbilities! How can you win these prizes?

Central PA's Cutest Dog Contest
If your dog is cute and knows it, enter him in Central PA's Cutest Dog Contest! Each dog will have their chance in the limelight as they're formally introduced on stage. Winners will be chosen by audience applause. It's free to enter.

Abrams & Weakley Parade
Sign up and march in the Abrams & Weakley Parade! Each day at 3:15 p.m., the band will lead the parade around the entire hall. It's free to enter, and you and your dog could win a prize! Prize categories include:
  • Best prancer
  • Biggest ears
  • Bounciest
  • Drool
  • Most elegant
  • Most handsome
  • Happiest
  • Most Irish
  • Longest fur
  • Longest tail
  • Most Attentive
  • Most patriotic
  • Portliest
  • Saddest
  • Shortest
  • Shortest fur
  • Shortest tail
  • Spots
  • Tallest

Paw Draw
Try your hands and paws at Paw Draw! Spin the barrel full of chips, and then reach in to select your chips. Depending on which chips you draw, you could win prizes such as dog toys, treats, gift certificates, and more! It's $1 to spin the barrel and draw one chip, or $5 to spin the barrel and draw 6 chips.

There are lots of other things to do at PawsAbilities, including the Dog Olympic Games and the Kody Kup Walk!

Buy your tickets and bring your dog to PawsAbilities for your opportunity to play games, have fun and win prizes!

Tickets are available online through March 5. After March 5, tickets will be available at the door.

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