Tuesday, May 22, 2012

6 Safety Tips to Enjoy Summer with Your Dog

As the weather warms up, we all like to spend more time outside, and it’s only natural that we want our dogs to enjoy the nice weather, too. But along with the beautiful sunshine and warm weather come several dangers for our canine pals. Here are 6 safety tips so that you and your dog can enjoy summer.

1. Never leave your dog unattended in a car. On a warm day, when the sun is shining, the interior of your car can quickly reach temperatures of over 100 degrees, even if the outside temperature is only 65-70 degrees. Never leave your dog alone in your car, even if you only plan to run inside for a few minutes. You never know when that quick errand is going to turn into a 30 minute shopping trip

2. Always bring lots of fresh water for your dog. When temperatures rise, you dog may need to drink more. Always carry extra water for him. You can also use the water to cool him down if you notice your dog is getting overheated.

3. Find a shady spot. If you’re working in your backyard or if you travel to the beach or some other fun destination, always make sure that there is a shady spot for your dog to rest and get some relief from the sun. If there is no natural shade available, make some! Set up a tarp or tent.

4. Avoid strenuous exercise on hot days. Try to avoid taking your dog outside for playtime or other exercise during the hottest parts of the day. It’s very easy for your dog to overheat. Instead, enjoy the cooler mornings and evenings together. We understand, though, that it may not be possible to completely avoid going out on hot days, especially if you have a working dog. If you must go out, have plenty of water for your dog, try to stick to the shade, and avoid walking on hot pavement.

5. Always supervise your dog while swimming. Many of our labs love to swim, and summer is the perfect time for it! Just be careful to always supervise your dog while he’s swimming. It’s hard work to swim, and you don’t want your dog to overdo it, especially if he loves the water! Also, if you take your dog to the beach, be wary of ocean tides and don’t let your dog drink sea water.

6. Avoid fertilizers and other chemicals. This is the time when many people use fertilizers on their lawn, flowers and gardens. While that might be good for the plants, it is not so good for your dog, especially if he has a tendency to eat grass. If you think your dog may have walked through fertilizer, be sure to wipe his paws so he doesn'’t lick them and ingest it. If you think your dog has eaten fertilizer, call your vet (or the puppy coordinator, if you have an SSD dog in training).

If you have other summer tips, please leave them in the comments. We hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather as much as we are! Have fun and stay safe with your dog!


  1. Don't forget to watch your dogs paws on hot pavement so they don't get burned.

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