Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adopt a Released Dog

Santana spent the first months of her life as a service dog in training, but she soon let us know that service dog work was too stressful for her and she would be much happier as a family pet. She was released from our program and adopted. Now she’s living the good life in her forever home. 

Similarly to the way people show preferences for certain careers, certain dogs are better suited to certain types of work. For example, a dog that tends to perk up its ears at sounds may be better suited to hearing work, while a dog that seems to pick up on people’s moods may be better suited to working with a child with autism. Dogs that really love smells may not be cut out for service dog work, but that same trait may make them perfect for detecting explosives. And other dogs would prefer not to work at all and instead become a family pet.

Every time we release a dog from our program, we begin the search for the dog’s new forever home. Sometimes the puppy raiser chooses to adopt the dog, but other times, we need to find a new home.

Would you like to adopt one of our released dogs? At any given time, we may have a few dogs that are looking for their forever homes. Since the dogs may be released at any time throughout their training, we may have dogs ranging 9-week-old puppies to 18-month-old dogs. Most of our dogs are labs.

If you would like to welcome one of these dogs into your home as a new member of your family, please apply online.  

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  1. She was released from our click here program and adopted. Now she’s living the good life in her forever home.