Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meet the G.B. Stuart Foundation Puppies!

Do you know Stuart? How about Vicki, Ali, Hank, and George? They’re our newest puppies, and you can meet them on the puppy cam!

SSD Midge gave birth to the G.B. Stuart Foundation litter on February 7-8. She had been bred to Elton from the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. Handsome Elton is also the father of Midge’s Shakespearean puppies.

The first puppy, SSD Stuart, was born at 10:38 p.m. on February 7. This black male puppy was followed by a chocolate female named Vicki, a yellow female named Ali, a yellow male named Hank, and a chocolate male named George. 

These five puppies were named by the G.B. Stuart Foundation, which gave us a generous donation to support our puppies in training. Huge thank to the G.B. Stuart Foundation!

Midge and her puppies are doing great! You can watch them on the puppy cam as they grow and learn about the world. When they’re about four weeks old, you’ll be able to visit them for puppy hugging! If you’re not already on our puppy hugger email list, sign up online so you don’t miss out.

Stuart, black male, green collar
Vicki, chocolate female, white collar
Ali, yellow female, orange collar
Hank, yellow male, red collar
George, chocolate male, blue collar

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