Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet the Czech Puppies

You probably already know that Julia gave birth to her puppies earlier in July. What you might not know is these puppies now have names. Meet Prague, Bohemia, Moravia, Jana, and Garnet—the Czech puppies!

This litter theme and names were chosen by Julia’s breeder caretakers, Susan and Bill. They recently returned from a trip to the Czech Republic, where they were visiting their friends Robert, Jana, Katrina, and Christina.

The pups were actually born while they were overseas. The puppies were whelped in the Bohenick family’s home, and they lived there until Bill and Susan returned. Thank you to the Bohenick family for taking care of Julia and the puppies during their first days!

SSD Garnet was named after the garnets that are mined in the Czech Republic. She’s wearing a purple collar. If you look closely, you'll see the garnet ring on her toes.

SSD Bohemia is named after one of the large general regions in the Czech Republic. In this picture, he’s posing with a postcard of a town and castle that Susan and Bill visited during their visit.  Bohemia, a male pup, is wearing a black collar.

SSD Moravia is named after another of the large general regions in the Czech Republic. The family that breeder caretakers, Susan and Bill, visited lives in Moravia. The puppy Moravia is a male and is wearing a red collar.

SSD Jana is named after Susan and Bill’s friend Jana (pronounced Yah-na). The pup is wearing a pink collar.

SSD Prague is, of course, named after the capital city, which has a rich history. In this photo, he is posing next to a book about that history. He’s wearing a yellow collar.

In case you’re wondering, the basket that all five puppies are lying in was made in the Moravian region out of grass. The pink baby blanket comes from a friend.


  1. Awe....I was wondering how in the world you came up with this litter name...that's fabulous!!! Thank you so much for sharing this story. I'm so happy they will be with Susan & Bill :) looking forward to puppy hugging them all very soon!!

  2. sweet sweet sweet Jana is my favorite

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