Friday, February 14, 2014

Irwin and His New Puppy Sister

Irwin (left) snuggles with Carrie Ann (right)

Irwin has a new puppy sister living with him—SSD Carrie Ann from Canine Partners for Life. She’s a young puppy, and Irwin has enjoyed having a playmate to hang out with. They have gotten used to romping around the snow together and just chasing each other around.

Before Carrie, Irwin tended to stay with his puppy raisers, never leaving their side. Now, there have been times when he and Carrie are just hanging out together at night.

Irwin also loves showing off to Carrie and showing her what he knows. He has learned that all he has to do is steal one of Carrie’s toys and start running around, and she will start chasing him. He loves it when she chases him around!

He is also doing very well in advanced training and is learning lots of new behaviors. He enjoys running around with the other dogs in advanced training and playing with them every morning.

He has missed some training recently because he was neutered and needed to rest for two weeks. He’s all healed up now, though, and you can’t even tell that anything has happened. He’s still his energetic and happy self. The two weeks he was healing were tough for him because he’s so used to being active, but he got through it. Both he and Ryan, his puppy raiser, are happy about that!

Right now, Irwin is set to go to Team Training in October. Keep up the good work, Irwin!


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