Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eva’s First Litter Has Arrived!

Do you remember SSD Eva, the dog who joined Susquehanna Service Dogs from Guide Dogs Queensland in Australia? She just had her first litter of puppies! Meet the F Litter: Forte, Freya, Fitz, Frankie, and Finnick! These five puppies were born on Saturday, February 21, and they’re growing quickly.

You can watch them on the puppy cam.

The F puppies have a big future ahead of them. Eva and her puppies are part of the Assistance Dogs International’s North America Breeding Cooperative (ABC). ABC is a group of service dog organizations throughout North America that are dedicated to producing quality service dogs. The co-op helps strengthen the genetic lines of our service dogs so the dogs we raise and train are the ones who are best suited to service dog work.

Half of Eva’s puppies will be raised here at SSD and the others will go to other ABC members to start their service dog journey.

When Eva first joined us a little over a year ago, some of you donated $3,455 to support Eva and her future service dogs. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Would you like to continue to support Forte, Freya, Fitz, Frankie, and Finnick as they grow into service dogs? You can make a donation online.

We’re looking forward to watching these five puppies grow into service dogs and change  lives! 

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