Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Exercise

When the weather turns bitter cold, dogs tend to get less exercise. They and their handlers take shorter walks, and the dogs spend less time running around outdoors.

This cold weather might be terrible for taking walks, but it's perfect for swimming. Yes, swimming. Some of our puppy raisers take their service dogs-in-training to the Canine Spa for a few hours of playtime in the water. Located in Dillsburg, the Canine Spa is an indoor pool, where the dogs can swim and interact with other dogs. It has tennis balls and other floating toys, so the dogs have a great time romping in the water, retrieving tennis balls.

The Canine Spa generously lets SSD dogs swim for free. (It costs $15 for all other dogs to swim.) There's even a bathing area where the dogs can rinse off or take a bath after their swim.

SSD Cabo loves to retrieve tennis balls from the water.

SSD Taz watches SSD Scotia swim back with her favorite ball.

Our dogs always have a great time swimming. It's a fun way to work off some of that winter energy, plus they have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs.

For more information about the Canine Spa, visit www.dogswimming.com.


  1. The Canine Spa is very generous donating free swims to all SSD puppies in training and working dogs. Cubby had many wonderful swims there.

  2. Kelly Slabonik & SSD TazDecember 22, 2010 at 6:16 PM

    Taz has had an amazing time each time we have gone! The owners are so very generous for letting us take the pups there! Another great post Sandi! I love the pictures you picked for this! Taz is becoming quite the little swimmer, he must be taking after his Uncle Cabo!