Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Freestylin' with the Steppin' Woofs

They've got rhythm, they've got music... Who could ask for anything more?

You may have caught the Steppin' Woofs at last year's PawsAbilities, and if you did, you know that they don't just have rhythm and music. They have a special flair because they aren't just any dance troupe. The Steppin' Woofs are dancing with dogs.
The Steppin' Woofs are a canine freestyle dance troupe that performs choreographed dance routines to music chosen by both canine and human performers. (Just like us, dogs have their music preferences.) Canine freestyle is based on basic obedience and agility training, and it showcases the dog and handler's teamwork and creativity. The Steppin' Woofs combine basic obedience steps with tricks and behaviors that come naturally to their canine partners. The human partners often find their dogs are teaching them just as much as they are teaching their dogs.

This year, these canine freestylers are bringing a country western flavor to the dance as they perform a hoedown! Watch them do-si-do their way through their newest dance, the square dance.

Any dog (and human) can learn to dance freestyle. If you want to try dancing with your dog, the Fieldwood Dog Training Center offers freestyle dancing classes. Email fdtc@pa.net or call Mary Kutulakis at 717-243-4451 for more information on introduction classes.

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