Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There's an Olympian in Every Dog

They've trained their whole lives for this moment - stealing your socks and sprinting away, kissing your face as if they'd never stop, squeezing themselves under the rungs of your chair just waiting to snarf up the crumbs you drop. Now these canine athletes will have a chance to go for the gold in PawsAbilities' Dog Olympic Games!

Whether your dog is a world class athlete able to fly through an obstacle course in record time or just a loving companion whose tail-wagging shakes his whole body when he hears your voice, the Dog Olympics include something for dogs of every skill level. Throughout Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15, you and your dog will be able to try your paws and hands at a variety of games that will test your dog's speed, agility and obedience. Here are just a few examples of the Dog Olympc Games:

Tail Wagging - Can you get your dog to wag his tail in excitement just from hearing the names of fruits and vegetables? Two teams line up on opposite sides of the ring with handlers facing their dogs and dogs' tails facing inward. The team with the best tail-waggers advances to the wag-off to determine the tail-wagging champion!

Kiss-Off - This competition will determine the champion canine kisser! All your dog needs to do is kiss your face without stopping.

Doggie Limbo - It's the limbo with a canine twist. Dogs are split into two groups - one for large dogs (over 18 inches) and one for small dogs. Each group shimmies under a bar to find out exactly how low they can go!

Over/Under/Through - This obstacle course will test your dog's agility and speed. Try to make it through all the obstacles with the fastest time.

Going for Pairs Relay - Teams send dogs one at a time to a pile of socks in the middle of the ring. Each dog retrieves one sock and races back. The team with the most PAIRS of socks at the end wins.

For a complete list of the games, check out the Dog Olympics on the PawsAbilities website. Registration for the Dog Olympic takes place on the day of the event, so bring your four-legged Olympian to PawsAbilities and let the games begin!

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