Monday, March 8, 2010

New Puppy Raiser Orientation

Last week we held an orientation for our new puppy raisers. Although we don't have any puppies right now, we're hoping to have some soon, and when that happens, we'll need lots of people to raise them!

Our puppy raisers are very important volunteers. They volunteer to welcome an 8-week-old puppy into their home and raise it for the next 18 months, preparing it to enter advanced training. Puppy raisers are responsible for house-training, teaching the puppy good manners, self control, and cues, taking the puppy to all sorts of new places and attending puppy classes and outings.

We are with you every step of the way. Each new puppy raiser is paired with a mentor - a veteran SSD puppy raiser - who will be available to answer questions and share tips and advice. SSD staff are always willing to answer questions and give private lessons. We want you and the puppy to have the best experience together.

If you're interested in being a puppy raiser, visit our website. We would love to have you join our SSD team!

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