Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nubble Is One Active Puppy!

Nubble is one active puppy! Last week, Donna took him out for a run, and he did some awesome loose leash running! Even though he's capable of running faster than Donna, he chose not to and stayed by her side. While they were out, a school bus passed them, but Nubble just sat and watched it. He slept most of the way home, but still had plenty of energy left to play with Gizzy!

This past weekend, Donna and Lindsey took Nubble and Gizzy for a walk on a wooded path. This time, though, Nubble wasn't interested in loose leash walking. All he wanted to do was pull ahead, straining the leash. He didn't even care about treats. Finally, Lindsey ran with him for a bit, and after he burned off some energy, he settled down. Lindsey ran with him periodically throughout their walk to keep him focused. He was able to greet two other dogs very nicely. He also encountered a young boy, whom he just wanted to play with, and a few bicycles. Before the second bicycle passed, Donna had Nubble sit and watch, and he was fairly calm, considering hos excited he was on this walk.

Nubble finds geese fascinating. When he sees them, he just stares and follows them with his eyes. They don't seem to bother him at all.

At the end of their walk in the woods, Donna and Lindsey let the dogs get a drink from the slow-moving creek. Gizzy loves doing this, but it was Nubble's first time. He was on the flexi-leash, which is a good thing because he started romping around in the water, and pretty soon, he was swimming! He must have been a little surprised that he could swim because once he got out, he patted the water before he'd walk back in.

Of course, after all that swimming, Nubble looked like a chocolate lab. Donna keeps a crate in her car for situations like this, so Nubble didn't get the car all dirty. As soon as they got home, it was bath time for him. Nubble was on his best behavior for his bath. He just stood in the tub and let Donna and Lindsey wash him. By the time they were done, he was dozing in Donna's arms. Like most dogs, though, he waited until he was out of the tub and right next to people before he shook off. Donna learned very early to shut the bathroom door so the spray is contained in one room, at least.

After all that excitement, Nubble settled into a nice nap.

Donna and Lindsey have been working on under, heel, off and leave it. Always, they try to reinforce good behaviors. This is one of the reasons why our puppy raisers are such an important part of our puppies' lives. They teach the dogs good manners and self control very early in life, which means the dogs will have a much greater chance of success when they enter advanced training.

Despite the fact that Nubble occasionally steals a stick of butter off the counter and sometimes tries to pick up dead mice, Donna and Lindsey love having him. "I enjoy the time I get to spend with both dogs. I just wish there was more time in the day," says Donna. "I'm looking forward to spring and warm weather with the dogs."

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