Monday, April 26, 2010

The Kennel Sparkles!

It may have been a dreary weekend, but the kennel is sparkling! Thanks to a group of wonderful volunteers, we cleaned everything at the kennel during our annual work weekend.

Twenty volunteers on Saturday and 17 volunteers on Sunday helped us to:
  • clean the windows and doors inside and outside the kennel
  • clean the kennel from top to bottom
  • patch up any rusty areas inside the kennel
  • clean and paint the training room
  • replace smoke detectors in the kennel and house
  • repair the kennel's phone line
  • replace the counter-balance mechanism in one of the kennel doors
  • remove dead trees
  • replace 1,200 feet of fencing in the field where the dogs run
We got everything done on our to-do list except removing the rust from the crates and the outside runs and painting the crates. The only that stopped us from finishing these tasks was the weather. The rain finally put a halt to our cleaning.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us this weekend! You did a fantastic job!

We know that you worked hard this weekend, but we have one more thing to ask of you and everyone else. Don't worry - it's much easier than putting up a fence. SSD Midge is going to the vet tomorrow for an ultrasound to see if she's going to have puppies, and we need you to keep your fingers crossed. Here's hoping for puppies!

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  1. No poison ivy to report from our time at the kennel. YAY!!!!!