Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Congratulations, Midge!

SSD Midge had her vet appointment today, and we received great news! She's going to have puppies!

The ultrasound revealed six puppies, although that isn't a definite number. A puppy could be hidden behind another one, making it difficult to see on an ultrasound. The images give us an idea of how many puppies to expect when Midge is ready to give birth.

Midge was very calm through the whole process. While waiting in the lobby at the Palmyra Animal Clinic, she sat or lay quietly. During the ultrasound, she lay calmly on her back, and when it was over, she seemed perfectly content to just continue lying there.

Midge is currently living with a family who will take care of her during her pregnancy and after the puppies are born. We're hoping for a smooth pregnancy, and we're pretty sure Midge is, too! Right now, she has a little bit of morning sickness, but hopefully that will go away soon. (Yes, dogs can get morning sickness, too.)

Although Midge is one of our female breeding dogs, she also has another job. She works as a therapy dog. During her pregnancy, however, she's not going to work, even though she loves it. We're going to do everything possible to prevent a miscarriage and make this a smooth pregnancy.

In another month or so, we'll hopefully have puppies!

Congratulations, Midge! What an exciting day!

Midge's Puppies

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