Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Onyx at the Winery

Onyx visited a winery. No, she wasn't allowed to taste any of the wines.

When Mark and Carol first took her into the winery, she wanted to sniff everything. Right now, when Onyx goes to a new place, it takes her a few minutes to get acclimated. Carol was able to get her focused, though, and they headed toward the wine tasting area.

One side of the wine tasting are was close to a wall, so Mark and Carol were able to remove Onyx from many of the distractions. This is a great example of setting the dog up for success. By removing Onyx from distractions, she was better able to focus and perform the behaviors Mark and Carol asked for.

At first, Onyx seemed like she wanted to taste the wine! She kept putting her paws up on the table. But her puppy raisers soon got her settled on the floor, and she relaxed.

A successful, positive experience for both Onyx and her puppy raisers!

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