Monday, May 10, 2010

Two More Weeks Till Midge Is A Mom!

You can definitely tell that Midge is going to have puppies soon. She's at day 48 out of 63, and she's really starting to show. For dogs, most of the puppies' growth before they're born occurs between weeks six and eight - and Midge is right in the middle of the puppies' growth spurt.

Her breeder caretaker, Diane, has increased her food to 150% of her normal intake, and she has also added salmon oil. (Midge is eating for at least seven, after all!) Her food will remain at 150% until the puppies are born, and then it will be increased even more.

Midge will need calcium when she's delivering her puppies, but we don't feed our mothers-to-be any calcium supplements while the mother is pregnant. To keep her in peak condition, we will only give Midge additional calcium during labor and after the puppies are born.

Midge is still exercising every day. Diane takes her for walks, but they're much slower walks than they used to be. Diane and her family have other dogs, and Midge is not allowed to jump or rough house with them.

We have a special whelping box for the mothers to use when they give birth. Although Midge won't get her whelping box until next week, that hasn't stopped her from looking for a good place to nest! Right now, it looks like she has decided that the best nesting spots are Diane's daughter's bed or the large hold that she's digging in the backyard with the help of the family's beagle.

Watch for a special announcement tomorrow - we'll be releasing the theme of Midge's litter!


  1. When Midge has her puppies, will the puppy cam be set up again???

  2. We're planning on having the puppy cam again. We'll let you know when it's live!