Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebrate Service Dogs: SSD Patsy and her Partner

Thank you to everyone who came to our National Assistance Dog Week meetup at Doc's Saloon and Grill last night! We had a great time! Twenty-two people and nine dogs met for food and fun.

As National Assistance Dog Week draws to a close, we would like to share one more story with you. This is the story of SSD Patsy and her partner.

Patsy is a real life best friend.

My son Bryce has a form of Autism called Asperger's Syndrome. Three years ago we got Patsy from SSD, and she changed not only Bryce's life but all of ours. Bryce never had any friends (due to the nature of this disorder, socialization is a major problem.) Another big problem was Bryce never slept in his bed. He needed someone close to him to rub his hair to fall asleep. We tried dolls, stuffed animals, music, a lot of covers on his bed etc.

When Susquehanna Service Dogs asked us what Bryce's needs were, we told them: mostly sleeping and companionship, and throwing and catching a ball would be a plus, too. Well, Patsy not only answered all of those request in the first day but has also helped Bryce make friends. Patsy will never know how much she changed our lives.

Bryce sleeps all night with Patsy sleeping on him and he rubs her fur. She leans on him when he is having a meltdown and plays ball in the yard when nobody will play with him. We take Patsy everywhere we can and she is such a good conversation starter which has helped Bryce in the socialization area. We love her so much and we do not know how we ever lived without her. Patsy is our ANGEL, a prayer answered, a best friend! We Love You Patsy Girl!!!

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