Friday, August 20, 2010

The Gemstones Puppies Meet Their Dad

The Gemstones puppies met their dad, SSD Fire!

Before the puppies were allowed in the main yard with Fire, they played in their own small fenced in area.

Once the puppies were settled outside, we took one puppy - Topaz - into the main yard to meet Fire. Fire sniffed at him, but didn't really seem all that concerned or interested in him, and we brought the rest of the pups in.

Soon the puppies were running and playing with each other.

Although Fire didn't really seem interested in playing with the puppies, SSD Cabo, the other dog that the puppies' breeder caretaker is raising, loved to play with them. When he lays down, all the puppies gather around him, sometimes snuggling with him, sometimes playing, and sometimes even play-biting his tail. Cabo never loses patience with them, and if they sometimes bite his big fluffy tail too hard, he gently lets them know.

Coral, Opal, A!qua, Topaz, Taz, Amber and Diamond certainly enjoyed their playtime outside!


  1. great video clips! The puppies are certainly growing up---and they are as cute as they can be.

  2. I can't believe our little Rock N Roller was this small. They grow up WAY too fast!! :)