Thursday, January 27, 2011

PawsAbilities Trivia - Two Chances to Win!

PawsAbilities is just around the corner, but we don't want to wait until March for the fun and games to start. Starting today, every Thursday until PawsAbilities will be trivia day on our Facebook page. Each Thursday at noon and 8 p.m. EST we'll post a trivia question on our Facebook page about PawsAbilities and Susquehanna Service Dogs. If you're the first person to comment with the correct answer, you win a voucher for a free Dog Olympic Game at PawsAbilities!

This game is exclusively for our Facebook fans and we will only be accepting answers on our Facebook page. Not a fan? We would love for you to become one!

PawsAbilities is coming up in less than two months and one of many things you and your dog will be able to do are the Dog Olympics! We will have over 20 games for you and your dog to play. Any dog of any skill level can play. Last year we had Great Danes playing right beside Chihuahuas.

Here's just a sample of the Dog Olympic Games you can play with your dog:

Musical Hoops
Just like musical chairs, but with hula hoops! When the music plays, you and your dog walk around a circle of hula hoops, but when the music stops, your dog must sit with at least two paws in a hoop.

Red Light, Green Light
Another childhood game adapted for canines! On green, you and your dog walk, and on red, you stop.

Doggy Limbo
How low can your dog go? Groups of small dogs and large dogs try to crawl under the limbo stick.

Kiss Off
If your dog loves to give kisses, this is the game for him! The dog that will kiss his handler's face for the longest time wins.

Clean Plate Club
Just like it sounds, dogs must clean their plate to win this game. Dogs are given a series of foods, such as dog treats, cheese, hot dogs and lemon slices. The dog that eats it all wins!

Become a fan of SSD on Facebook and answer the trivia questions for a chance to win a voucher to play one of these and other Dog Olympic Games!

To learn more about the Dog Olympic Games and to buy tickets to PawsAbilities, visit

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