Friday, January 14, 2011

SSD Samee Mae

For the next few weeks, SSD Samee Mae is our youngest puppy in training. At the end of the month, SSD Midge's litter will take over as our youngest pups, but until then, Samee Mae holds the title!

She is an adorable yellow lab who came to us from Guide Dogs of Texas, and she's doing very well with her training. Right now, she's in early socialization classes, and soon she'll join the rest of our dogs in training in the regular puppy classes.

At early socialization class, Samee Mae spent some time running around in the field with SSD Scotia (light yellow lab) and SSD Rio (black lab). She had a blast checking out all the smells and playing with the other dogs!

After she had some time to run off some energy, Samee Mae got to meet her dad, SSD Fire!

Samee already knows several cues, including sit and down. She does a beautiful down, going right into a relaxed hip roll. Watch her give a down and then sit in the video.

Our dogs start to learn loose leash walking at a very young age, and Samee is no different. Her puppy raiser is working on teaching Samee to walk calmly next to her with the leash nice and loose. This is a very difficult behavior for the dogs to learn, but Samee is making progress.

We can't wait to see the dog Samee becomes!

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  1. Such a wonderful collection of videos really.. Activities of this dog seems to be very interesting in such videos..Thanks for sharing..