Friday, March 18, 2011

Civil War Puppies' First Outing

The Civil War puppies have had their shots, which means they're ready to go on public outings. Guess where we took them for their first official time in public? That's right - the National Civil War Museum!

Meade, Chamberlain, Clara, Julia and Harriet were there for the opening reception of the Civil War Museum's new exhibit "Among Soldiers: Animals in the Ranks of the Civil War." The puppies had a great time meeting new people and exploring a new place.

SSD Chamberlain

SSD Clara

SSD Harriet

SSD Julia

SSD Meade

The Civil War puppies are seven weeks old. At the end of the month, they'll come to the kennel for temperament testing and then they'll go to their puppy raisers!

If you're interested in raising a puppy, visit our website to apply.

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