Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nubble at PawsAbilities

Nubble went to PawsAbilities for his second year in a row! He loved it!

He got his paw stamped so he could come and go as he pleased at PawsAbilities.

Nubble and puppy raiser Lindsey tried out the Fun Agility course.

Nubble watched the hunting retriever dogs demonstrate retrieving. At first, he was very focused on the dogs playing fetch, and he pulled on his leash. All he wanted was to play with them!

Donna kept working with him, however, and soon he was once again focused on her, even though the hunting retriever were still playing fetch in the ring. Later, Nubble was invited to try hunting retrieving, so he got to go in the ring and play. What a happy dog he was!

After a fun day at PawsAbilities, Nubble was all tuckered out! It was a good day!

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