Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And the Stars Are...

Are you ready to meet SSD Midge's Stars?

SSD Hope, named after Bob Hope (female, teal collar)
SSD Kate, named after Kate Smith (female, pink collar)
SSD Maggie, named after Ann Margret (female, tan collar)
SSD Carol, named after Carol Burnett (female, orange collar)
SSD Lucy, named after Lucille Ball (female, purple collar)
SSD Buster, named after Buster Keaton (male, red collar)

The Eastern Star selected the names for this litter, and they have chosen famous actors and actresses who have given their support to our nation's veterans during war time through the USO shows and hospital visits.

The Eastern Star has graciously allowed us to call one of the females SSD Carol, in honor of one of our puppy raisers who passed away suddenly on the day the puppies were born. Carol, her husband and her family raised three SSD dogs for us - SSD Cypress, SSD Penny and SSD Jasmine II. She was a dedicated volunteer, and we will miss her.

SSD Carol and her brother and sisters were born on Thursday, October 20. Midge was due to give birth the following Sunday, but on that Thursday, Midge's breeder caretaker Susan thought that Midge might be showing the very beginning signs of labor. However, Midge was sending mixed signals, and Susan decided it was too soon for the puppies to arrive. She continued her day as usual, leaving Midge at home with her husband, Bill.

Midge hung out with Bill in his shop and took treats just like any other day. In her previous pregnancies, Midge didn't really care about food when she was in labor. That Thursday, however, she loved food! But later when she went into a strange squatting position, Bill was instantly suspicious - and it's a good thing he was watching, because all of a sudden he had to catch a puppy before it hit the ground!

After cleaning the puppy and taking care of the placenta, Bill let Susan know that Midge was, in fact, having her puppies that day. Pretty soon, the entire whelping team was on their way.

The rest of the delivery went very smoothly. Midge delivered the other five puppies quickly, and she was attentive to each puppy. She's a great mom!

We took Midge and the puppies to the vet the next day, and the vet gave her and the pups a clean bill of health. Each puppy had gained weight overnight, which is wonderful news.

Thank you to our whelping team and our vets at the Palmyra Animal Clinic!

The Stars puppies will be making their debut on the puppy cam next week. Check back early next week for the official announcement!


  1. These are great names and it's so nice where they came from. Bless their little hearts... and their puupy raisers and yours too Nancy :-)

  2. They are beautiful and thank you for naming one after our mom Carol. You all are a wonderful, blessed group of people who provide a wonderful service.
    Denise McFarland