Thursday, October 27, 2011

When Dogs Become Mummies

Halloween is a time when things are not what they appear, and sometimes they turn into something else entirely. This Halloween, our dogs in training became mummies!

At our Halloween party, we played a game where teams of our puppy raisers had to completely wrap their dogs in toilet paper. Check out the results:

We also played Musical Hoops, the popular PawsAbilities Dog Olympic Game. All of our dogs walked on a loose leash around a circle of hoops, and when the music stopped, puppy raisers had to get their dog to sit in the hoop. This is a great game for the dogs to practice their skills. Not only do they have to walk on a loose leash, but they have to ignore other distractions and listen their puppy raiser. Watch how Susan works with SSD Julia to get her to sit in the hoop. Even though there is lots of noise and movement around them, Susan stays calm, which helps Julia stay calm and focused. Susan is also very patient when Julia get distracted and quickly redirects her. And look at the beautiful "sit" that Julia gives at the end!

Our staff transformed our puppy class room for the Halloween party, complete with a haunted house! The dogs and some of their puppy raisers came in great costumes, and we had so much delicious food! We hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

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