Friday, December 2, 2011

Name that Duo

SSD Dee is going to have her puppies in the middle of December. That means it's puppy naming time!

Since the vet says that Dee is going to have two puppies, Dee's whelpers decided that the theme for this litter will be Duos! Now we need your help coming up with names. We encourage you to think broadly when you're coming up with names. They could be people (Sonny and Cher), cartoons (Tom and Jerry), objects (salt and pepper), etc. Be creative!

We don't know whether Dee's pups will be male or female, so please come up with duos that work for a female-female litter, female-male litter and a male-male litter.

Also, there's a chance that there is a third puppy hiding behind its siblings. If you know of any good trios, feel free to include them as well!

We can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. Peanut, Butter, and Jelly
    Ricky & Lucy
    Summer & Autumn
    Ben & Jerry
    Coco & Chanel
    Jasmine & Rajah
    Chili & Pepper
    Cocoa & Mocha
    Daisy & Duke
    Dakota & Montana
    Jack & Wyatt
    Smokey & Bandit

  2. Thunder & Lightning

  3. Bonnie and Clyde

    Peaches and Herb

    Napolean and Josephine

    Fred and Wilma or Fred and Barney

  4. George and Gracie

  5. William & Kate
    Laverne & Shirley
    Aladdin & Jasmine
    Regis & Kelly

  6. Laurel and Hardy

    Cookies and Cream

    Guns and Roses (kidding!)

    Don Quixote and Sancho Panzo

  7. Already have aladdin

  8. Bonnie and Clyde

    Sherlock and Watson

    Bert and Ernie

    Will and Grace

    or, best yet:

    Sawyer and Huckleberry (AKA Tom and Finn)

  9. Abercrombie & Fitch
    Brooks & Dunn
    Currier & Ives
    Gumby & Pokey
    Hall & Oates
    Ken & Barbie
    Lilo & Stitch
    Rocky & Bullwinkle
    Siegfried & Roy
    Phineas & Ferb
    Tweedledee & Tweedledum
    Kermit & Miss Piggy

  10. Amos and Andy, Tom and Jerry, Laverne and Shirley, Vanilla and Chocolate, Cookies and Milk, Sugar and Honey.

  11. Dora and Boots
    Tom & Jerry
    Will & Grace
    Bert & Ernie
    Alvin, Simon, Theodore
    Abraham, Martin & John
    Earth, Wind & Fire
    Blossum, Bubbles & Buttercup
    Larry, Curly & Moe
    Shake, Rattle & Roll

  12. Laurel and Hardy
    Faith and Hope
    Roy (Rogers) and Dale (Evans)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle
    Micky and Minnie
    Calvin and Hobbes
    Ginger and Spice
    Timmy and Lassie
    Jack and Jill

  13. Ben League's suggestions

    Han & Leia
    Simon & River
    Sam & Frodo
    Simon & Garfunkle
    Holmes & Moriarty
    Sherlock & Mycroft
    Marty & Doc Brown
    Black & Tan
    Black & Gold
    X-Wing & TIE
    Adama & Tighe
    Starbuck & Apollo
    Apollo & Athena
    Shrek & Fiona
    Wayne & Garth
    Egon & Winston
    Loggins & Messina
    Hall & Oates
    Halen & Hagar
    Dilbert & Wally
    Sugar & Spice
    Harkonen & Atreidies
    Kirk & Picard
    Captain & Teniel
    Peter & Mary-Jane
    Scott & Jean
    Charles & Eric
    Apple & Orange
    Axl & Slash
    Jacob & Wilhelm
    Peter & Wendy
    Dorothy & Alice
    Beauty & Beast
    Cat & Dog
    Tom & Huck
    Tango & Cash
    Bonnie & Clyde
    Thelma & Louise
    Bugs & Fudd
    Buster & Babs
    Yakko & Wakko
    Scrooge & Marley
    Paris & London
    Paris & Helen
    Odessius & Hercules
    Jack & Daniel
    Jacob & Edward (but only if you don’t like the puppies)

  14. A lot of the ones I like are already up here.

    But I do have a few:

    Ying & Yang
    Ebony & Ivory
    Gizmo & Gremlin
    Gibbs & DiNozzo
    Frodo & Bilbo
    Coffee & Cream
    Cream & Sugar
    Turner & Hooch
    Kenickie & Zuko

  15. Oh wow, I forgot

    Timon & Pumbaa
    Simba & Nala
    Kiara & Kovu

    I loved the Lion King

  16. Holmes and Watson
    Prince and Pawper
    Kate and Allie
    Mickey and Minnie

  17. Larry, Mo, and Curly!

  18. Ebony and ivory (if they are black & yellow labs)

  19. Sherlock & Watson
    Sherlock & Moriarty
    Abbott & Costello
    Stan & Ollie
    Smith & Wesson
    Spam & Eggs & Bacon
    Coffee & Cream
    Jack & Jill
    Robin Hood & Little John & Maid Marion
    Beauty & The Beast (Belle) - Any Disney Combo
    Toast & Jam
    Peanut Butter & Jelly
    Buttercup & Westly / Fezzik & Inigo - The Princess Bride
    Tea & Krimpets
    Hall & Oates
    Simon & Garfunkle (Art)
    Remus & Romulus
    Bruce & Robin (Batman)
    Lois & Clark (Superman)
    Lewis & Clark
    (King) Arthur & Merlin

  20. jack and jill

    sugar and spice (my favorite)

    batman and robyn

    Hugs and kisses

    Burt and Ernie

    Ralfe amd norton

    Cagney and lacey

    fred and ethel

    tom and jerry

    lucy and ethel

    kramer and George

    jerry and Elaine

    andy and barney

    bogey and macaul

    Lucky and charm

    marco and polo

    Soooo many good ones out there. Can't wait to see what you pick!

  21. Mickey and minnie

    kelly and nancy


  22. Fame and Fortune
    Max and Ruby
    Sprinkles and Jingles
    Holly and Ivy
    Zues and Poseidon
    Phineas and Ferb
    Bach, Brahms and Beethoven
    Mop and Broom
    Lion, Tiger and Bear! (Oh my!)

  23. jingle and jangle

  24. Claude and Monet
    Leo and Davinci
    Mario and Luigi
    Buck and Hunter
    Romeo and Juliet

  25. Sandra Yandrasits OrnerDecember 2, 2011 at 8:23 PM

    Mickey & Minnie
    Donald & Daisy
    Huey Dewey & Louie
    Captain & Tennile
    Sugar & Spice
    Sun & Moon
    Simon & Garfunkle
    Hercules & Xena
    Lone Ranger & Tonto
    Bugs & Daffy
    Bonnie & Clyde
    Holmes & Watson

    and if one is yellow and the other is black, then definitely salt and pepper

  27. Porgy and Bess
    Jack and Jill
    Hansel and Gretel
    Cheese and Crackers
    Micky and Minnie
    Lady and Tramp
    Pop and Tart
    Dagwood and Blondie
    Auburn, Blonde and Brunette
    Reuben and Rachael
    Johnny and Appleseed
    Red, White and Blue
    Flip and Flop
    Po and Tinky Winky
    Billy and Jean
    Curly and Frie
    French and Frie
    King and Kong
    Bob and Marley
    Tito and Bimbo
    Ping and Pond
    Mash and Potatoe
    Chuck and Norris
    Lava and Ash
    Harry, Ron and Herminoe
    Ketchup and Mustard
    Pat and Vana
    Cotton and Candy
    Chili and Pepper
    Super, Dooper and Looper
    Gummy and Bear

  28. I like Ying/Yang
    From Kelly B

  29. Bob/Marley

  30. Zeke and Luther
    Waffles and Pancakes
    Ginger and Ale
    Duckers and Quackers
    Marma and Duke

  31. george and gracie

  32. If black and yellow I would say salt and pepper!!!! If
    there's a third hiding.. paprika!

    Other names:

    Barbie & ken
    Simba & nala
    Hope & faith
    Ding & dong
    Fire & ice
    Blaze & diamond (after the American gladiators)
    Alvin, Simon, & Theodore
    Huey, dewie, & louie
    Polka & dot

  33. I'm really loving hugs and kisses and Nancy and kelly now. Who wouldn't want a dog with these names?

  34. Bean & Sprout
    Holly & Berry
    Holly & Jolly
    Jack & Frost
    Pumpkin & Pie

  35. Ben---there are only two puppies! You don't have to make it so hard for them to decide!

  36. I got one or two!

    Abbott & Costello
    Spic & Span

    (though personally I like at least 2 syllables in a dog's name)

    Sarah S.

  37. Clive, C. S., Lewis

    Spock, Kirk and Checkov

    Tiger, Jones, and Nicholaus

    Castle and Beckett

    Samson, Delilah

    Sage, Rosemary, Thyme

  38. if 2 boys - Starsky & Hutch

    Trio idea Peter, Paul and Mary (if 2 boys & 1 girl)

  39. Tonto and Silver
    Minnie and Mickey
    Mickey and Pluto
    Laurel and Hardy

  40. Dora and Diego
    Charlie Brown and Snoopy
    Dorothy and Toto
    Tin Tin and Lassie
    Duke and Tobie

  41. Joy(eaux) and Noel

  42. I'm sure I'm duplicating some here so please forgive me...

    Calvin and Hobbes (MY FAVORITE! :)
    Mork and Mindy
    Laverne and Shirley
    Peter and Wendy
    Fiona and Shrek
    Tarzan and Jane
    Atta and Flik (Bug's Life)
    Nemo and Dory
    Tweety and Sylvester
    Robin Hood and Maid Marian
    Captain Hook and Mr. Smee
    Archie and Jughead
    Bert and Ernie
    Beavis and Butthead (haha JK!!)
    Flotsam and Jetsam
    Garfield and Odie
    Gumby and Pokie
    Rocky and Bullwinkle
    Yogi Bear and Boo Boo
    Abbott and Costello

  43. If she has three we could call them the "Oh My!" Litter

    Lion, Tiger, and Bear would be the names. :)

  44. I think you should call them "Peace, Love, and Joy" :)

  45. disco and ball
    tango and salsa
    chip and salsa

  46. Tried yesterday but it did not work so here goes again...sticking with the Christmas Theme:

  47. dorothy and todo
    (wizard of oz)
    missy and elto
    jack and rose
    will and kate
    (royal couple)
    kirmet and piggy

  48. Lilo and Stitch
    Chicken and Waffles
    Romeo and Juliet
    Chip and Dale

  49. I don't have any names, but I just wanted to congratulate Dee on her beautiful puppies!

  50. mac and cheese
    ketchup and mustard
    Fox and Wolf
    Sun and Moon
    Mickey and Minnie
    Head and Tail
    Ice and Fire
    Earth and Wind
    Fluffy and Furry
    P.S Glad I could help. And Congradulations!