Friday, April 13, 2012

SSD Seifert makes new friends

SSD Seifert is the only puppy in his litter. That's doesn't mean he's lonely, though! He has his mom, SSD Opal, and his puppy raiser's dog Colby to keep him company.

We've also been making sure that he gets to meet lots of other dogs. Socialization is very important for young puppies, especially young puppies in training to become service dogs. For Seifert, it's even more important, since he doesn't have any brothers or sisters to teach him how to interact with other dogs.

Seifert has had several play dates with other dogs that are either relatively close to his age or relatively close to his size. Yesterday, he met SSD Fraggle and two of our trainer's dogs, Sonya and Rizzo. Check out the video of the dogs running in the yard!

Seifert also knows how to entertain himself. While he was waiting for his new friends to arrive, he had a great time playing with a bucket!

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