Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Visit to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

SSD Midge on her way to Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

Elton, the tall and handsome lab from Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

We’re hoping there are more puppies in our future! SSD Midge traveled up to Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind to be bred to a tall, dark and handsome lab named Elton. Elton is about two years old and has a wonderful temperament. If Midge is pregnant, we’re hoping for tall, lovely puppies.

In addition to breeding Midge with Elton, we had the opportunity to evaluate several of the Guide Dog Foundation’s studs, and we took photos and videos so we can make breeding decisions about future litters.

One of the Guide Dog Foundation’s studs sired the Eastern Star Litter, and we gave puppy Hope to them for their program. Usually, when we use a stud from another organization and there are five or more puppies in the litter, we send one puppy back to the organization that supplied the stud. When we visited the Guide Dog Foundation, we got to see Hope! Unfortunately, although Hope was doing very well in her training, she developed some health issues and had to be discharged. If Midge’s litter with Elton is big enough, one of the puppies will be heading to its father’s organization. Thank you to the Guide Dog Foundation for giving us the opportunity to see Hope!

Will there be more puppies in our future? We’ll have to wait and see!

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  1. It was so nice to meet you this week! Midge has settled right in, and Elton is very much looking forward to the time when she is ready for some romance.

    We love cooperative breedings because they help us to stay genetically diverse while maintaining the traits that are so very important for solid working dogs. Thank YOU for coming all the way out here with your lovely girl!

    Grete Eide
    Director of Canine Care