Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Pasta Litter Is Here

Late last night (or very early this morning), we welcomed the Pasta litter into the world! SSD Julia gave birth to the first of five puppies at 12:36 a.m. The last puppy was born at 3:07 a.m.

SSD Julia is a first-time mother, but she seems to be taking to motherhood very well. The father is SSD Fire, a big, handsome, dark yellow lab.

Huge thank you to our whelping team for taking such good care of Julia and the puppies during the delivery!

And now, we need your help. The Pasta puppies need names! There are 3 males and 2 females. What do you think these puppies should be called? Leave your pasta-themed name suggestions in the comments. Thank you!


  1. Bavette, Fettuccine, Lasagne, Linguine, Macaroni, Manicotti, Orzo, Ravioli, Rigatoni, Tortellini & Ziti

  2. Fusilli "Silli", Vermacelli "celli", Capellini "llini",Macaroni "roni", Spaghetti "sketti"

  3. Penne, Rotini, Couscous, Orzo, Spatzle, Noodle, Macaroni, Ziti, Pomodoro, Pesto, Alfredo, Ragu, Capellini, Pierogi, Meatball

  4. (Spa)getti, ziti, roti(ni), mani(cotti),and pole(nta)

  5. Some interesting ones.

    Barbina, Soba, Gomito, Penne, Farfale (Far-Fah-lah), Fiori, Gigli, Rotelle, Trofie, Couscous, Orzo, Pastina, Stelle, Pierogi, Gnocchi, Ramen, Pho

    My favorite: Orzo, Ramen, Pierogi, Pho, Stelle