Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Raise an SSD Puppy

Diane, one of our veteran puppy raisers and puppy whelping team member extraordinaire, compiled the top 10 reasons to become a puppy raiser for Susquehanna Service Dogs. We hope you enjoy them and maybe even decide to raise a puppy for us. We have 28 puppies looking for puppy raisers. Would you like to raise one of them?

Top 10 Reasons to Raise an SSD Puppy

10. A puppy is better than an online dating service! When you take your cute puppy out in public, they’re magnets for meeting new people. Plus, people will already know at least one thing that you do for fun – raising an SSD puppy!

9. Raising an SSD puppy will give you an excuse to expand your wardrobe for both you and your dog. You can match your clothes to the color of your dog’s fur, making sure you and your dog always look well groomed. And of course, having an SSD dog opens up a whole world of stylish dog collars for every season and holiday.

8. Not looking forward to the cold weather? There’s no need to order a new snuggie. Your SSD pup will snuggle with you and keep you warm on cue.

7. You will be recognized as an experienced dog trainer, complete with a fashionable treat pouch, a drool towel, color-coordinated clicker, and maybe even a piece of duct tape stuck to your leg.

6. Unlike your spouse or children, SSD puppies will come when called. As an added bonus, they hang on every word you say, won’t ask questions, won’t talk back, and won’t say the wrong thing.
5. Who needs a personal trainer when you have a dog? SSD puppies will need lots of exercise. Sometimes they’ll even alert you when it’s time to walk, plus bring you their leash.

4. You will become a true treat connoisseur. Not only will you be able to find tasty and healthy treats for training, but you’ll find ones that won’t disintegrate in your pants pocket when accidentally thrown in the laundry.

3. SSD puppies will encourage you to learn all about dog behavior and body language. You might even start applying it to human behavior. You’ll think “Wow, that person must be under stress. He’s really yawning a lot.” Or “How rude. That person greeted me head-on.” You will become more aware of your relationship to everyone in your environment.

2. When you raise an SSD puppy, you automatically become part of a real-life social network, one where you will be liked and accepted by staff, other volunteers, partners, and many four-legged friends who greet you with enthusiasm and sometimes dive into your treat bag when you’re not paying attention.

1. Most importantly, you will be investing your time, talents, and love to change the life of a person with a disability. You will help them reach their dreams of living independently, becoming employed, and being accepted into their community. And while you’re changing someone else’s life, your life will be changed as well.

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