Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meet Owen’s Litter!

Good news! SSD Opal gave birth to her puppies on October 29. She has six healthy yellow lab pups.

These puppies are known as Owen’s Litter, named after a young boy, Owen Brezitski, who passed away in 2011 after he was struck by a distracted driver. His family started a foundation in his name, and they chose the names of Opal’s puppies.

The Brezitski family says, “We want to share with you our goals, our aspirations, our pain, and our inspirations. We want you to know why Owen was so dear and precious to us and the many others who knew him. He touched so many lives in his short time here on earth and his legacy, his spirit, and his story continue to touch thousands more. Our goal and our passion is to bring awareness to distracted driving so that no one has to endure the pain and loss that we are experiencing.”

All of the puppies have names that start with the letter O.

SSD Odette, female, orange collar with sunflowers
SSD Obie, male, black collar with orange stripes
SSD Oboe, male, black collar with orange “Trick or Treat”
SSD Orlando, male, black collar with orange dots
SSD Olympia, female, beige collar with orange pumpkins
SSD Odella, female, orange collars with black trim

Opal gave birth to one puppy who was stillborn. His name was Ozzy, and he will be buried in a special spot at the home of one of our volunteers.

We will have more photos of each of the puppies soon.

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