Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Northeast Puppy Raising Program

Did you know that we have a puppy raising program in northeast Pennsylvania? We do! We have a great group of volunteers who meet on Wednesdays in Bear Creek. Right now there are six dogs in this branch: Brutus, Sandler, Roo, Ripple, Carbon, and Freckle.

Last week, some of our staff and volunteers drove up to visit the Northeast group during their puppy class. Their puppy classes are run a little differently than our puppy classes in Harrisburg. Each dog and puppy raiser work on something different, based on where that dog is in its training.

SSD Freckle worked on nail clipping.

SSD Carbon worked on leave it. Look at the pile of treats he ignored.

SSD Ripple practiced down-stays.

SSD Roo worked on targeting—touching her nose to a piece of duct tape at the end of a stick. The photo is a blurry because Roo was in constant motion—touching the tape, getting her treat, going back to touch the tape. 

SSD Sandler worked on sits.

SSD Freckle worked on the cue “get dressed.” Right now, he’s practicing putting his nose through his harness. When the behavior is finished, he will walk right into his harness until the chest piece touches his chest. This behavior makes it easier for a person to get their dog dressed in their harness themselves.

SSD Brutus practiced going under a table and becoming “invisible.” 

If you live in northeast Pennsylvania and are interested in raising a puppy, we would love to have you join our Northeast group! Please apply online to become a puppy raiser.

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