Thursday, December 26, 2013

And the Forecast Says—Puppies!

The Weather puppies are here! On December 21, 2013, SSD Scotia gave birth to five puppies, all yellow labs.

We’re proud to announce SSD Doppler (male, orange collar), SSD Flurry (female, pink collar), SSD Fahrenheit (male, green collar), SSD Breeze (female, purple collar), and SSD Drizzle (female, teal collar).

Scotia and her puppies are all healthy and doing very well. The pups are busy sleeping and filling their bellies—everything they need to grow.

You can watch the Weather puppies on the puppy cam until they’re eight weeks old.

Scotia settles in to her whelping box. It's warm and cozy, the perfect place to give birth to puppies.

SSD Doppler was the first puppy born. 

Scotia rests while her five puppies nurse.

The happy family--Scotia and her Weather puppies, Doppler, Flurry, Fahrenheit, Breeze, and Drizzle.

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