Monday, November 1, 2010

Bobbing for Tennis Balls

We couldn't let Halloween go by without dressing up the dogs! Here are some of the videos and photos from our Halloween party. Enjoy!

What Halloween party would be complete without bobbing for apples? Instead of apples, we used tennis balls.

The dogs seemed more interested in drinking the water than grabbing a tennis ball, though, so we decided that the dogs just needed to touch the tennis ball with their noses.

Each tennis ball was numbered, and the dogs got prized based on what number they picked.

The dogs and their puppy raisers had some great costumes!

SSD Yukon

SSD Jagger the Penn State football player

SSD Lavender the crayon. She's from the Crayon litter!

Basil the skunk

SSD Scotia the cat

SSD Peach Pie the hot dog

SSD Sienna the chicken

SSD Taz, the bat

SSD Teddy

SSD Topaz

SSD Grace the Steelers fan

Some of the puppy raisers dressed up. This husband and wife team switched identities for the evening!

We had a wonderful time!

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  1. so, you really enjoyed this halloween night..All the videos and photos from your Halloween party are wonderful.puppy raisers dressed up very nicely..