Saturday, November 27, 2010

SSD Shamrock is thankful for puppy sitters

SSD Shamrock is thankful for puppy sitters. When his puppy raiser family went on vacation, he stayed with a puppy sitter, and he had a blast playing with new toys and meeting new people!

Our puppy sitters are a group of volunteers who take care of the dogs-in-training when their puppy raisers go on vacation or are otherwise unable to care for the dogs. Puppy sitters receive training so they understand our training methods and expectations for the dogs-in-training.

Some of our volunteers start as puppy sitters and later decide to become puppy raisers. But whether they decide to become puppy raisers or not, our puppy sitters are very valuable. Not only do they give the puppy raisers a break, but they also help the dogs-in-training experience another home with a different routine. When the dogs become working service dogs, they'll have to get used to a new routine with their new partner, and they'll also need to be able to adapt quickly when their environment changes.

Plus, the dogs usually have a lot of fun when they're with a puppy sitter!

Shamrock and the rest of us at SSD would like to thank all of our puppy sitters for helping us care for and raise the puppies! We would not be the same organization without you!

We're sure you have stories of the times you have watched a dog for a friend, family member or neighbor. We would love to read them! Please share your stories in the comments.

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