Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SSD Graham Gives Thanks for Food

We don't know about you, but food is one of our favorite things about Thanksgiving, and we're pretty sure the service dogs-in-training agree! Although they don't get to eat turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, they love the food they do get.

SSD Graham Cracker is especially thankful for food this Thanksgiving. Graham is one of the dogs in advanced training, and he gets two meals a day, plus peanut butter bones and training treats while he's practicing his service dog skills. While the dogs are in advanced training, they eat food that is designed to build strong muscles and bones, especially joints, so the dogs are as healthy as they can be. Graham and his kennelmates are thankful that they get such healthy meals because it gives them energy and strength to open doors, pull a wheelchair or search for a child.

This Thanksgiving, SSD Graham asks you to consider donating to SSD so he and his kennelmates have plenty to eat while they're learning how to change lives. At any given time, there are eight to ten dogs living at the kennel for advanced training. Your $10 donation will feed one dog for a week.

Donate now to feed a service dog-in-training.

Thank you for helping to feed the dogs! SSD Graham and the rest of us at SSD wish you a very happy Thanksgiving filled with food, family and friends!

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