Friday, December 3, 2010

Food, Presents, and Games!

What could be better than an evening of food, presents and games? An evening of food, presents and games with the dogs!

We had our annual Holiday Party on Wednesday evening at the Harrisburg Academy, and we had a wonderful time! Our puppy raisers, puppy sitters, and partners joined us for a potluck dinner, presents and games. We're very happy that the puppy raisers from the Northeast were able to join us!

While we ate, the dogs relaxed under the tables or chairs nicely. We're so proud of how well they did!

Each year, we do a gift exchange for the dogs. Everyone brings a dog toy, and we put them all in a huge bag. Then each dog picks a present. There were a lot of happy dogs in the room!

We always play games during our Holiday Party, and this year we played D-O-G. We divide the dogs and puppy raisers into two teams. The first team sends a dog into the middle to do a trick or skill. The other team then has to send a dog to the middle who can also do that trick. If that dog is unable to do it, that team gets a "D." Play continues until one team spells D-O-G.

Watch some of the videos of D-O-G:

SSD Aladdin picks up his leash, heels, and walks backwards.

SSD Slate, one of the Crayon puppies from the Northeast, can lay in a down and "leave it" while his puppy raiser puts treats on his paws!

SSD Dylan rests his head in his puppy raiser's hand for a nice "visit."

Happy holidays!


  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time!

    I loved the videos of the D-O-G game, especially the leave it. What a smart bunch of pups! :)


  2. Great party! The game ended in a tie. We had wonderful food and lots of laughs. About 80 volunteers, partners and people on our waiting list, and, of course SSD staff, attended this annual. Thanks goes to Candi and the Harrisburg Academy for hosting this fun evening.

  3. Mary,

    Thank you! The puppies always amaze us when we play D-O-G. Each year, it seems like they have a new, more challenging trick or behavior to demonstrate!