Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Puppies on the Way?

Are there more puppies on the way? Keep your fingers crossed! SSD Midge and SSD Pearl were bred, and we're hoping that both of them will have puppies soon.

Midge was bred to SSD Sweet William, SSD's founding stud. Will was a handsome yellow lab who was very healthy and produced healthy offspring. He loved people and was very intuitive - excellent traits for a service dog. If Midge is pregnant, this will be her second litter, and we're hoping to bring some of Will's traits back into the line.

SSD Sweet William

SSD Sweet William

Pearl was bred to Lobuff Hollyridge Wizard of Oz ("Wizard"). Wizard, a handsome black lab, comes from Hollyridge Labradors, a kennel in Rhode Island that breeds and shows labs. Although we have not actually met Wizard, we have heard a lot about him, and he has several traits that we value in service dogs. He is very confident in his environment and is comfortable in new situations. When he went to the Westminster Dog Show, he was calm and had no problem walking around outside on a loose leash and pottying on many different surfaces. If Pearl is pregnant, we're hoping Wizard passes these traits on to his offspring.



We'll find out on December 28 is Midge is pregnant when she goes to the vet for an ultrasound. Pearl's ultrasound is scheduled for January 3. We hope we'll have sonograms of puppies to share with you!

(Photo credit for Wizard photos: Hollyridge Labradors)

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  1. I hope I hope I hope they are both pregnant!!!