Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SSD Phillip is thankful for trainers

SSD Phillip is now a working service dog. He was placed with his partner in October, and they are doing very well together. When you see them together, you can tell that they love each other.

Phil is thankful for the trainers who made it possible for him to become a service dog for his partner. After spending his first eighteen months with his puppy raisers, he came to the kennel for advanced training. In advanced training, his trainer worked with him every day to teach him the skills he would need to support his partner. He learned "visit" (dog puts its head in your hand or on your lap), "touch" (dog touches you with its nose), and "lap" (dog rests its legs in your lap).

In addition to the trainers who taught him his specialized skills, Phil is thankful for all of the volunteer trainers who worked with him in public. All of the dogs in advanced training go on public outings twice a week, and each dog works with one of our wonderful volunteer trainers. These volunteers practice good public behavior with the dogs in advanced training - loose leash walking, going under benches and tables to become invisible, calm greetings, and more.

Phil enjoyed working with everyone while he was in advanced training! Thank you to both our trainers and volunteer trainers for your dedication to preparing Phil and the other dogs in advanced training to become happy, successful service dogs!

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