Thursday, June 21, 2012

Puppy Cam: Meet the Shakespearean Puppies

It's not the Globe Theatre, but the Shakespearean puppies are still center stage. They're now live on the puppy cam! Watch them as they eat, sleep, play and take their first steps as service dogs in training.

We would like to introduce:

SSD Brutus (dark blue collar)

SSD Hamlet (light blue collar)

SSD William Shakespeare (red collar)

SSD Cleopatra (yellow collar)

SSD Falstaff (green collar)

SSD Portia (purple collar)

SSD Queen Mab (pink collar)
SSD Bill Shakespeare is named after one of our long-time volunteers, Bill Hahn. Bill passed away in May. He and his wife, Sue, have raised several puppies for us. He will be greatly missed.

We hope you enjoy the puppy cam!


  1. Oh, puppies. I just love their faces, even at this slightly freaky, smooshed step. Better watch out for the mischief coming from Falstaff and Queen Mab!

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  3. They are adorable. I have puppies right now too. They are chihuahuas. Four babies and they are ten weeks old now. I just love being a Grandma. Lol <3<3<3