Friday, June 15, 2012

The Shakespearean Puppies’ Birth: A Comedy of Surprises

Just like Shakespeare’s comedies, the birth of Midge’s puppies was full of surprises. Midge started nesting and panting – some of the signs of labor – in the early afternoon on June 12. She delivered a black male, followed by a yellow female, but when the third puppy appeared, we were in for a surprise. The third puppy was a chocolate female!

Midge soon delivered two more puppies like a pro. Since her ultrasound had revealed five puppies, and Midge has been pretty consistent with her litter size, we thought she might be done, even though she still looked pretty big. We always stick around for a few hours, though, just to make sure, and sure enough, another puppy appeared! Half an hour later, the last puppy, a yellow male, made his appearance, although he was more white than yellow.

These are the kinds of happy surprises that we like to see in a whelping! Midge and her seven puppies are doing great. When the puppies are several weeks older, one of them will be joining its father at the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind.

We will be setting up the puppy cam next week, so you can start watching these adorable puppies. You will also be able to hug these puppies! Puppy hugging will start when the pups are 4-5 weeks old. If you’re interested, sign up online to be a puppy hugger!

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