Friday, August 10, 2012

Life with SSD Laurel

Guest post by Luke

Luke has been working with SSD Laurel for several years, so they have had lots of time to bond. Laurel accompanies Luke to school and hangs out with him at home. “I am very happy to have Laurel,” says Luke.

Here’s what he has to say about life with SSD Laurel.

Hi, my name is Luke and I have SSD Laurel. Laurel is a yellow lab. I have had her for three years now and she's five years old. Laurel is a service dog. She goes to school with me. She keeps me safe and service dogs do much more than that. They can control the light switch, open the fridge and freezer doors, and even pick up the phone. They can also bump you to tell you the doorbell is ringing or bump again to tell if there's a fire or something.

Laurel doesn't like storms. She likes to hide anywhere in the house. We sometimes give her bones to make her feel more safe. Mostly, she hides in the library, and her second best place is upstairs in our room under the ladder to the bunk bed. Laurel is very cute and nice. She is sometimes in the computer room looking for food that we are eating while playing our computers.

She eats her whole dinner in about 30 seconds. Mom always makes Laurel talk like she is talking. We love her, and that means she loves us. When I eat sausage for a snack, Laurel always looks at me thinking I will give her some. I might someday. Service dogs are very cute and can be very helpful. I am very happy to have Laurel.

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  1. How neat, I love to hear about service dog teams and how happy they are (They are invariably happy)!