Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are You Ready to Raise a Service Puppy?

We’re expecting approximately 25 service puppies to be born in the next six weeks. One of those puppies wants to go home with you. Are you ready to raise a service puppy?

Each puppy will need a puppy raiser or puppy raiser family to welcome it into their home and hearts. Puppy raisers raise the puppy for about two years. During that time, they teach the dog basic obedience, great house manners, and a variety of other skills that the dog will use as a service dog. In addition, they take the dog on lots of public outings, car rides, and long walks in different places. 

Going to the bank? Take your puppy in training with you and practice down stays while you talk with the teller. Need milk for your cereal? Take your puppy and use a cart to practice loose leash walking beside it and maneuvering the aisles.

While the puppy is in our program, the only costs you are responsible for are food and any toys, collars, leashes, etc. that you buy for the dog.

No experience is necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know about training one of our puppies. We hold puppy classes several times a month, as well as public outings to places like Chocolate World, the airport, Cabela’s, Knoebel’s, the Strasburg Railroad, and Ghosts of Gettysburg tours. 

We currently hold classes in Harrisburg, PA and Bear Creek Township, PA. Our puppy raisers come from all over central PA, as well as Northeast Pennsylvania. We even have a few puppy raisers who drive in from State College. The only limit to the location of our puppy raisers is the puppy raisers themselves. As long as you’re willing to drive to puppy classes, outings, and vet visits, you can become a puppy raiser for SSD.

Raising a puppy to become a service dog is a fun and rewarding experience. By raising a puppy, you will change a life.

Are you ready? Apply today.


  1. Wild Goose Chasers
    Dog Service is a daily service that essentially introduces a trained border collie that is perceived predator to Canada geese . This is one way to teach them that the area is not a safe place to nest or feed.This program works best before the geese become attached to the area. It is legal to chase geese without a state or federal permit provided they are not handled or touched by a person or dog.
    The most effective results from dog chasing methods come from actively and regularly using a combination of the harassment techniques each time the geese appear on your property. It is critical when caring out these methods that all the geese have left the property. Geese must continue to feel threatened or they will return to the property, which is why repeated and consistent use of harassment techniques is necessary.

  2. Does your dog love car rides? Did you know pets have been included in the possible distractions for drivers and drivers can be fined if their dog is imparing their ability to drive safely.

    "Traffic Safety Act 115(2)"