Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are You Ready to Name Some Puppies?

You’re on puppy watch! In anticipation of her puppies, the puppy cam for SSD Kirby’s puppies is already set up, and SSD Scotia’s puppy cam will be set up soon. We’re expecting both litters in the middle of September.

While we’re waiting for the puppies to make their debut, we need your help naming them! We will need male and female names for both Kirby’s and Scotia’s pups.

Kirby’s theme is Country Capitals. Her puppies will be named after the capitals of countries around the world.

Scotia’s litter is going to be the Puppies from Down Under. These pups will be named after all things Australian.

Please post your name suggestions in the comments. You can suggest as many names as you would like.

Thank you for being part of these puppies’ journey!


  1. down under names: Jack(aroo), Biscuit, Tucker, Sheila, Damper, Kanga

    Capital names: Wellington, Moresby, Jose, Moroni, Warsaw & DC or DeeCee

    by Suzy

  2. Fun!

    Being from Australia, I'll stick to that litter with my suggestions:

    Aussie (Ozzy)
    Jarrah (type of tree, pronounced ja-ra with soft a's)
    Mallee (type of scrubland, pronounced mal-ee)
    Tambo (a river name)
    Tarni/Tahnee (aboriginal word for surf/ocean/waves)

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  4. Capitals:

    Nassau, Sofia, Ottowa, Cairo, Tokyo, Oslo, Victoria, Lima (Leema), Lisbon, Nairobi, Dublin

    Australian words:

    Tucker, Paddock, Biscuit, Sydney, Brumby, Buckley, Joey, Schooner, Tallie, Foster, Yabby, Zack

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