Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have You Met the Puppies Yet?

SSD Scotia gave birth to eight puppies on September 10, and SSD Kirby gave birth to eight puppies on September 13. Have you met the Puppies from Down Under and the Country Capitals Puppies yet?

You can watch both litters on our puppy cams.

We're expecting a total of four litters this fall, and we really need your help to get supplies together to care for all these pups. Please visit our puppy wish list and make a donation.

Meet Scotia's Puppies from Down Under

SSD Aussie, yellow male

SSD Boomerang, yellow male

SSD Dingo, yellow female

SSD Irwin, yellow male

SSD Kangaroo (Roo), yellow female

SSD Kiwi, yellow female

SSD Outback, yellow male

SSD Sydney, yellow female

Meet Kirby's Country Capitals Puppies

SSD Berlin, yellow female

SSD Reykjavik, yellow male

SSD Dublin, black male

SSD Lima, yellow female
SSD Cairo, black male

SSD Kingston, black male
SSD London, black male
SSD Ottawa, black male