Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Time to Meet the Water Puppies

On September 22, we got a huge surprise. SSD Opal gave birth to seven puppies!

You can watch Opal and her Water puppies on the puppy cam. That means that you now have three litters of puppies that you can follow online! 

We're expecting one more litter this fall, and we really need your help getting ready for them. These three litters of puppies have used up a lot of supplies! We're going to need storage containers, baby nail clippers, storage containers, puppy crates, tiny service dog vests, and more. Please check out our puppy wish list for a complete list of the items we need. Thank you so much!

Meet the Water Puppies

SSD Bay, yellow female, purple collar

SSD Cove, black female, blue collar

SSD Lagoon, yellow female, red collar

SSD Ocean, yellow female, pink collar

SSD Rain, black female, orange collar

SSD Stream, black female, yellow collar

SSD Ripple, yellow male, green collar

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